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WebiesIndia : Static Website Designing Services

A website is termed as a compilation of images, videos and all other information that can be easily attainable with the help of a network. A webpage is always written in simple language with the help of HTML. Recently website designing is one of the leading businesses with a great advancement of sales and revenues. Depending on the uses normally two types of website can be formed. They are static website and dynamic website. Both the websites have merits and demerits but both are used in different ways. But static website is used to make a website for combine programs and PPC and also for the SEO purposes. Thus a static website is comprises of web pages with fixed content and each page is marked in HTML and shows the same information to the clients. Static website takes most convenient way to create and these are the most basic type of website. They do not require any web programming or database design to create but only need a few HTML pages and publishing to a web server.


It is only the webmaster who can update the pages because static web pages contain fixed code. Static website is filled with a plenty of pages which are designed templates. To extend the business with the help of website it is only the static website design which is a cheap and profitable for the small enterprises or individual uses. Thus static website is used for extending company’s market through its information. There are various advantages of Static website. They are firstly static websites are simple in character and can be join easily are easy to navigate for search engines. Secondly, it helps quick service to download images, brochures even on lower bandwidths. Thirdly each and every page of the website can be editable and can see the preview before adding on live.


Fourthly it can change the layout of web page when desired and fifthly it can direct control over content. Beside these advantages some shortcomings of Static website are, it could be expensive in the long run, it needs a website designer to change the information, it is complicated to maintain when a site gets huge and also it is also complicated to keep uniform and up-to-the-minute. To create static website several websites give free static templates. To create an identity in the global corporate on World Wide Web it is only the static website which is the best and most easy way to do it. Static templates help to create the sites online quickly. Thus a static website can be used individually, in business purpose or in companies where users can conveniently keep images and contents and also demonstrates how the website will look on internet. Static website also helps in online product advertising. Last but not the least static websites are very much browser friendly.


If one is developing a website for SEO purposes then the best choice for them is a static website. The reason behind this is that it is not easy for search engines to pick up dynamic content. To index the pages of a constantly changing site is difficult for any search engine. Both static and dynamic websites have their own pros and cons and based on the functions one wants the site to perform, they can choose the kind of site they want to develop. Before one starts designing a website it is imperative to think and decide what their objective behind making the website is. One can also use a combination of both the kinds also to have a different website with dynamic widgets and applications and a static page.

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